Yahoo Messenger Dual or Multiple Login

About: No need for additional programs to install in order for you to login to dual or multiple Yahoo Messengers. With only one computer, you can open multiple YM! with just a simple modification to your Windows registry.

Some Yahoo Messenger users, particularly those who have multiple ID’s wanted to do a dual or multiple log-ins and use Yahoo Messenger simultaneously. To log-in to YM! with different accounts at the same time without installing a program, please do this.

Multiple Yahoo Messenger Login

1. Go to Start > Run and type “regedit” on the box

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Yahoo > Pager > Test

3. On the right pane, right-click and create a Dword Value and name it Plural

4. After creating a Dword Value “Plural”, double-click in it and assign a decimal value of 1.

5. Close your Windows Registry and it should be working. You can now run and login on multiple Yahoo Messengers.

  1. thanks for making this possible. lol. ciao

  2. ahhh your amazing…my yahoo messed up and i had to reinstall it….somehow this completely befuddled my y! multi messenger and i’ve spent two days installing and uninstalling it. your method works amazingly and no more downloading.

  3. thank’z

  4. wow! nice idea..we i can dual login my YM account jeje ^_^

  5. Wow! Amazing! Thank U!!!!!!!

  6. THANX alot!

  7. cool!!! thanks a lot…

  8. wth is stupid.. it worked on us…

  9. thanks for this one!

  10. Cool trick! Thanks man! Ur da best!!!

  11. can i do it for my mac?

  12. Great trick.. itz working great 4 me

  13. try to use ebuddy.. you can use all of your account in YM AOL facebook..all in one…just also applicable on ur cellphone..

  14. Hello, mine is not working, tried it and there is no way for multi login on my yahoo messenger so what do i do

  15. I also tried, but not working…not sure, how to do the 2nd login :(

  16. Oops ! it’s working now :)

  17. omg, its possibme.Thanks to Yahoo

  18. i never thot a simple registry hack would do! thanks! 😉

  19. wow! nice idea..we i can dual login my YM account jeje ^_^

  20. OMG!!! IT Really Work! oyeah thnx a lot! 😛

  21. it is working..ive done that before. kaya possible ang dual login sa ym. its like two ym yung nakaopen sa desktop mo.

  22. Intresting….and it work’s

  23. Man, its not working D: says “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator.”

  24. nice…its working….

  25. nice one dude!!! tnx

  26. nice blog sir thanks.. it helps me alot.. 😀

  27. thank you bro…….

  28. thank a lot!

  29. ROCKNROLL!!! thanks, dude ^^

  30. perfect!
    i got it!

  31. Can I join in your organization?

  32. awsome dude

  33. thanks so much!

  34. thanks a lot ., was great idea .^_*

  35. Hi,
    I really appreciate ur help man.
    U really helped somone out of need. Hats off.
    Tk Cr

  36. it works…. 😀

  37. How do I do second log in?

  38. Thanks man! it works!

  39. Can anyone tell me how to make the second log-in ?

    i never thought this is possible was a blessing and very convenient for anyone who uses YM as a hi-way of transacting personal business ventures and of reaching out to family and friends…

  41. thanku so much for making this posible,

  42. thank you very much for the great connection.

  43. not working on new yahoo massanger 11.5

  44. Cool!!!It Works….sMART aSSS..YOU DESRVE $5000.HEHEHE

  45. Suuuuuuuuuuuuper mama

  46. Hats off to you man……brilliant…….

  47. Thanks a lot bro its works for me on windows 7 os …………………………

  48. TNX!

  49. it’s work..i really appreciated it. Thanks a lot

  50. wow, ang galing

  51. wow…. marvelous. love u for sharing this. mwahhh…

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