How to Remove AVG Secure Search

About: AVG Secure Search comes with the installation of the program. If in case, you need to disable this feature after installing AVG, simply follow the procedures on this page.

AVG Secure Search is a new tab feature that integrates a search box that opens as a new tab window. There is nothing to worry about this AVG Secure Search. In fact, it is powered by Yahoo! to help users search the web in the most secure way. By opening AVG Secure Search in a new tab, you can do multiple searches by simply opening new tabs.

Not all are pleased with this new feature. Others may find it annoying every time an AVG Secure Search tab just open on its own. Forums and discussion boards are comprise of questions about “How to remove AVG Secure Search?” Therefore, in this article, we will compile all necessary procedures to disable, remove or uninstall this feature.

 AVG Secure Search

Disable Secure Search from AVG Toolbar Options

1. On AVG Toolbar, click on the logo.

2. AVG will display a drop down list. Click on Options.

3. It will open a window AVG Security Toolbar Option. Select the Advanced options on left pane.

4. Select your desired Default search engine and replace the existing configuration (AVG Secure Search).

5. Remove the check mark on the following:

  • Set and keep AVG Secure Search as the search provider for Address bar.
  • Set and keep AVG Secure Search as the default search provider.

6. Click OK to save the settings.

Remove AVG Secure Search in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. On top menu, click on Tools. Select Internet Option from the drop down list.

3. On Internet Options window, select the Programs tab.

4. Click on Manage add-ons button.

Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons

5. On left pane, choose Search Providers. You can see a list of search providers in right pane.

6. You cannot quickly remove AVG Secure Search if it is set as the default. Please select a default search provider first.

7. You can now Disable or Remove AVG Secure Search from the list.

8. Close the Manage Add-ons Window.

9. On Internet Options window, click on General tab.

10. Please set the Home page address to your own default URL.

Disable AVG Secure Search in Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Look for the search box on the navigation tool bar. Click on the logo and select Manage Search Engines… from the drop down list.

Firefox Manage Search

3. It will open a window of Search Engine List.

4. Highlight AVG Secure Search and click on Remove button.

5. Click OK to save the current settings.

6. To restore your default homepage, go to top menu of Firefox browser and select Tools.

7. Click Options from the list.

8. On General tab, set your default homepage by typing a URL of your choice.

9. Click OK to save and exit the Option window.

Remove AVG Secure Search in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome Internet browser.

2. Click on the Wrench icon located in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

3. Select Settings from the list.

4. Choose Basics on left pane. Click on Manage Search Engine… on the right pane.

Chrome Basics Settings

5. Hover your mouse on your desired search engine and click on Make Default.

6. Hover your mouse on AVG Secure Search and click the X mark to delete the item.

7. Close the window.

8. Back at the Basics screen, locate the Home page area and set the default home page address to your chosen URL.

  1. The information to remove the AVG Secure Search tab from Google Chrome does not work. I have removed everything that says anything AVG from my computer and every time I get on line, boom, I have an AVG Secure Search tab to the right of my home page tab. I can’t get rid of it no matter what I try. I have Windows 7 and am using Google Chrome. I even tried back dating my computer to before I accidentally installed it (still don’t know how) and it won’t go away! Help!

  2. Yes, I agree with Patricia. The steps given for Google Chrome just do not work. Arrrghh!

  3. 1. Go to your Wrench Icon
    2. Click Settings
    3. In the “On start up” section click “set pages”
    4. Click the “X” and remove “AVG secure search: the most annoying search engine and spam adder on the planet”

  4. Just as an updated FYI, I have the AVG search tab opening in my chrome and I never installed AVG to begin with. Aside from that when I go to the settings area and go to manage search engines Google is the ONLY ONE that shows up. AVG is not even in there. So this advice is not correct, that advice applies to those who have AVG and simply want to disable that feature and not all of us who never asked or accepted it to begin with and it is not even showing up to deselect. It is acting like intrusive software. Amazing a company that is intended to help keep the internet safe acts very much like the problems we are trying to avoid to begin with. I flippin HATER YOU AVG!

  5. Listen to the guy who said:

    “1. Go to your Wrench Icon
    2. Click Settings
    3. In the “On start up” section click “set pages”
    4. Click the “X” and remove “AVG secure search: the most annoying search engine and spam adder on the planet””

    It works!

  6. yes going to settings from the google wrench and on the start up section, click set pages it will display your default browser and also AVG url. Hover your mouse over the AVG url at the end of the url where an x will appear, click that and it will be gone then at bottom right corner click ok and it should be gone

  7. Not pleased with AVG for changing my browser environment. I did not install AVG, it seem to come with other software, (PDFCreator). The method provided by Trustice “Lucky Beatz” Brickhouse worked..

  8. Thank you very much for posting this information.

    I am also unpleased that AV changed and took over my search abilities. I don’t remember installing AVG, and I always look for the option to opt-out of the add-on search engines while installing any software.

  9. Here you guys go, I finally found it!

  10. the directions for firefox are bogus they don’t do anything.

  11. That’s the browser I use, and it worked perfectly. Try going thru it again, maybe you missed a step. If you have google for homepage, are you putting:

  12. This DOES work in Chrome…just keep trying!

  13. Thank you for this information I panicked and thought I had a virus, please be rest assured that this does work for all browsers including Crome (setting page just different I found what they meant) and Firefox as I have just done it for them an IE. Again thank you very much, Not V pleased with AVG at all. Did they mean by safe search no searching at all!! LOL

  14. I have no avg anything left on my pc, and when I go to my settings all I have in the “manage search engines” is Google. So why does this AVG crap keep showing up. Any help would be great, But I more than likely will just format the drive, I feel that may be the easiest way.

  15. Just found where it was hiding in Chrome 20.0.1132.47 m.

    In Settings->On startup->Set pages-> had an AVG setting, remove this and the AVG tab will stop

  16. I think Jim is right! I have taken it off about 5 times today and I think the onstartup was the problem. I have high hopes. I will be celebrating with champagne if this stays away forever

  17. In the version of chrome I have (20.0), Click the wrench –> Tools –> Extensions then either disable or remove AVG Secure Search and it will no longer be the New Tab Page.

  18. you can remove AVG search (on Google Chrome) by following the instructions (wrench settings etc.) but also going to the extensions tab on the left menu in chrome above settings and deleting the annoying thing. This must have done more harm to AVG than anything !

  19. Jim @ #13 – thank you, thank you I was starting to go mad about this and your solution has sorted it out.
    I owe you a pint!!

  20. I just spoke with an avg rep and thet said that they were powered by google. supposed to be sending me instructions on how to get rid of this sorry piece of crap. We shall see………..

  21. I just went into my extensions and saw it enabled and deleted that pos!!! and then continued with resetting my default serch and home pages hope that helps

  22. I have gone thru & followed the steps & AVG is still there but not in the tools settings! I want AVG gone now how the heck do we get rid of it when we didnt put it there to begin with!!!!

  23. Thank you Michael – nothing worked in the settings section – I had removed AVG from my default settings and it didn’t show in that section and AVG continued to luanch. I did find AVG hiding in the Extensions area as you suggested and was able uncheck enable and then trash the application. Much appreciated as AVG wasn’t giving me my usual Google search site and was extremely annoying.

  24. Thank u very much for this information avg was very annoying to me now its gone :)

  25. Thank you. this worked wonderfully!

  26. OK, I’ve tried everything that everyone has suggested and it’s still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. OK people, go to Extensions and Disable all AVG extensions. I was getting secure search when I started a new tab, and that’s stopped it. The advice RE ‘on start up’ isn’t correct for me, I couldn’t see anything to do with AVG there.

    Just disable AVG secure search extension and it does the job.

  28. Changing the – “On start up” section click “set pages” – worked for me. Finally!

  29. AVG is saved as an extension
    So go Wrench>>Settings>Extensions you’ll see your extensions plus AVG, delete/disable it and you’re good.

  30. Thanks Michael.
    What he said works:

    “In the version of chrome I have (20.0), Click the wrench –> Tools –> Extensions then either disable or remove AVG Secure Search and it will no longer be the New Tab Page.”

    thanks a lot

  31. when open new tab and avg comes up

    go to bottom right corner and you’ll see something there, click on it and it will ask if you like to keep avg search, deselect ok

    it worked for me

  32. Had the same problem, when the new tab is opened and the AVG search comes up automatically look at the bottom right hand corner of the screen for “Restore Default Browser” – Click on this and then deselect open automatically.

  33. The ‘settings’ tab didn’t work for me :(. What did work, was going in to ‘Tools’, then ‘Extensions’ and then disabling the (two) AVG searches: ‘AVG Safe Search’ and ‘AVG Secure Search’.

    Hope this helps :)

  34. Thank you Michael! This has been driving me nuts! He’s right – click on the spanner, then settings, then on the top left extensions and disable anything connected to AVG. Bastards.

  35. Thank you! This totally worked for me. I have google chrome. Can someone let me know how I can set my webpages to were if I hit the back button and it will allow me to go back where I left off instead of going automatically back to the top of the page. For instance I leave a page in the middle then I type in a new home address, then I go back , and it takes me where I left off in the middle instead of the top of the page?

  36. hi im having this same problem i try everything and nothing i have firefox and avg security check still ther i went to extension and is nothing everything mention before i try still ther plz help ty

  37. Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  38. The chrome directions are out of date; they are for an older version.

    I don’t just want to take it off of my home page; I want to know how to get the new tab page back. It seems like AVG has decided to take over my New Tab page.

  39. This worked for me:

  40. everything here doesnt work for me. avg isnt even in my extensions etc. i ha found a for those people who tried everything here.
    Go to settings then look for “appearance” there should be 2 checkbox there. click “show home button”
    and a new option will appear “new tab page .change” click change then you will see the fckin avg there change it or click the ”
    new tab page”.

  41. To remove the extra tab in Google Crome > Go to settings by clicking the upper right menu icon >Click Settings > Under the Subject On Startup, you will see – Open a specific page or set of pages, click on the Set pages hyperlink. Remove AVG tab by clicking the X next to the link.

    The X will appear if you move your mouse by the AVG link.

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