Rotate Screen In Windows 7 – Keyboard Shortcut

About: If you are looking for immediate control to rotate monitor screen in Windows 7, this keyboard shortcut might give you the solution.

After giving you the tricks on how to configure screen rotation in Windows 7, we now present the keyboard shortcut for its instant use. This feature of Windows is appropriate to capture tall screen shot like documents and portrait images. Moreover, monitors that have rotating features can adapt well to this setup.

This tip will come handy and saves you from going through several display configurations. However, this keyboard shortcut to rotate Windows 7 screen is just a temporary approach.

Singel Monitor Rotation

To proceed with instant rotate of your monitor screen please follow this guide.

Single Monitor Display Rotation:

1. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt on your keyboard.

2. While holding on those keys, press any of the four arrows on your keyboard for desired angle. Here are the control directions and attributes.

  • Right Arrow – rotate the screen at 90 degrees
  • Down Arrow – rotate the screen at 180 degrees
  • Left Arrow – rotate the screen at 270 degrees
  • Up Arrow- returns the screen to normal position

For Dual or Multiple Monitor Computers:

If you have multiple monitors, make sure that the cursor is on the screen you wanted to rotate before initializing the command. Alternatively you can use Ctrl + Alt + Tab to select which of the running applications to turn.

  1. does not work

  2. it does not work

  3. Still doesnt work

    Windows 7 32-bit

  4. same here….it does not work on w7 64bit

  5. This is not an OS shortcut, this shortcut is the default for Intel graphic chips. Hence it will only work if the display is connected to an Intel GPU with the appropriate Intel drivers installed. The majority of laptops/desktops have Intel GPU’s so it is understandable that someone would make the mistake of thinking this was an OS feature.

  6. this worked – control – alt – up arrow

    thank you! saved me from more of a headache and neck strain! :)

  7. How to disable this !!! ???.

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