How to Start Windows 8 in Safe Mode

About: Safe Mode is one essential feature to fully diagnose problems on Windows 8 systems. It is useful to entirely isolate and identify causes of problems on computer because only minimal sets of drivers and processes are loaded.

Starting Windows 8 in Safe Mode is not a typical method that we have already familiarized ourselves. Since Windows 95, the OS gives us direct access to safe mode by tapping F8 on keyboard just before Windows loads. On Windows 8 systems, things got a little different. Instead of showing a command prompt-type screen, Safe Mode for Windows 8 is now lively with graphical objects.

But unlike the previous versions of Microsoft operating system, Windows 8 is not pre-configured to run this function. You must manually enable Safe Mode in Windows 8 by going through Boot Configuration Data.

Now, follow these steps  to start Windows 8 in Safe Mode.

1. Typical F8 is still the key. Just as before, press this key after turning on the computer and right before Windows 8 begins.

2. You will now see the Advanced Boot Options menu (Choose an option).

Windows 8 Safe Mode

3. Click on “Use another operating system. Continue with another installed version of Windows.”

Entering Windows 8 Safe Mode

On that menu, you will see other systems if you are running in multiple OS versions. Definitely you will choose Safe Mode. This will load necessary drivers and software before it brings you into Windows 8 Safe Mode environment. If you will notice, once log-in onto Safe Mode, only minimal sets of programs are loaded. Only critical process and required drivers comes with it.

  1. I jammed on F8 until my finger bled, it did not load a menu to choose Safe Mode, Windows 8 just started normally.

  2. NO sense, F8 did NOT work. Get right !!!

  3. Total waste of reading time !!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, know what the f**k your talking about before you post your B S.

  4. you have to press shift while right clicking on restart in the power menu to get this menu, otherwise the information is good

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