How to Add SkyDrive Folder in Windows

About: Adding a SkyDrive folder in your Windows operating system is now possible with the release of the SkyDrive for Windows. Installing this app will instantly create and sync folders and files on Windows and

Other than using Microsoft SkyDrive online, you can now run the service from your own Windows computer. SkyDrive for Windows now supports Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This gives you automatic access to your drive files just like local browsing through Windows Explorer. Transfer, create or share your files by simply accessing the SkyDrive folder at your own PC.

Installing SkyDrive

SkyDrive folder is accessible via Windows Explorer. If you are using multiple devices to sync your drive, files on this folder will also be made available to your other device and Your SkyDrive folder under Windows 7 and Vista is located in C:\Users\[Your Name]\SkyDrive. There is an option to change the location while installing Microsoft’s SkyDrive for Windows. It is also possible to change the location of SkyDrive folder later if in case you want it to.

Follow these steps to make SkyDrive folder in Windows.

1. Download SkyDrive for Windows and save it on a location on your PC.

2. You may run the program right after the download process completes or you can navigate to the file and double-click to launch the installation.

3. User Account Control will prompt if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer. Please select Yes.

4. It will display the welcome screen. Click the Get Started button to continue.

5. You must have a Windows Live ID to proceed. If you still do not have one, you may sign-up directly by clicking on the Sign-Up button.

Skydrive Login

6. After the log-in screen, it will prompt for SkyDrive Folder location. Click Next to create the default folder location.

SkyDrive Folder Location

7. If you want to files on this computer to be accessible to your other device, put a check mark on “Make files on this PC available to me on my other devices.” Click Done to end the process.

After installing the program, it will add SkyDrive folder and is accessible on Windows Explorer under your Favorites item.

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