How to Add Google Drive Folder in Windows 7

About: Add a Google Drive folder under Windows 7 instantly with the available apps. This makes it easier for Windows 7 users to transfer or run files from their Google Drive storage.

With the availability of Google Drive, computer users now has added option to store, access, share, and collaborate files with others. This cloud storage service from Google provides a free 5GB space for its users.

To make online files more accessible for Windows 7 user, the company also provides Google Drive for PC. This software gives you the ability to transfer files and folders using Windows Explorer, without going through the web site service.

To add Google Drive folder in your Windows 7 and access your online files, or upload files to your storage just like using Windows Explorer, follow these steps.

1. Go to Sign in with your Google account.

2. Click on Download Google Drive for PC. You have the option if you want to save the file or run the installation right after the download completes.

3. Windows 7 may issue a warning about the recent installation of Google Drive, click on the Open button to proceed.

4. After installation, it will display a login screen. Please enter your user name and password. This is the same account you are using when browsing Google Drive online.

Sign In to Google Drive for PC

5. On initial launch, Google Drive for PC will prompt you for configuration.

6.A special folder will be created on your computer. What it contains are the same files stored in your online account.

7. Google Drive folder will be made available under your Favorites and C:\Users\[your name]\Google Drive when you open Windows Explorer.

Google Drive - Windows 7 Folder

Transfer, copy, create, or delete files on your online storage as if you are executing it locally. Your online stored files will be accessible as long as your Google Drive for PC remains log-in. If in case the drive it is currently installed have run out of disc space, you may change Google Drive folder location anytime.

  1. Drive is set up and working nicely, but unfortunately, it’s synced with the wrong account. How do I switch it to the correct account?

    Example: I have a drive folder. I double click it and see all my Google Docs tied to my work account. I don’t want it tied to my work account. How do I change it to my personal account.

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