Change SkyDrive Folder Location In Windows

About: You can change the default folder location of SkyDrive in Windows by going through the settings and unlink the current directory. Ensure that there is no existing file transfer before executing this process.

When you add SkyDrive folder in Windows using the default installation of “SkyDrive for Windows”, the default directory will be C:\Users\[Your Name]\SkyDrive. This folder will sync with your other SkyDrive location and device if properly set. Synchronizing your Windows SkyDrive folder with other devices or even in may run you into a problem of insufficient disc space. This may happen if there are existing disc partitions and is common to Windows systems these days.

Microsoft is aware of this. That is why they will let you decide on the default SkyDrive folder location while installing the client software for Windows. Similarly, you have an option to change SkyDrive folder location even after installing the program. If SkyDrive default folder already exists and you want to modify it, please follow this guide.

1. Access the SkyDrive settings on your Windows system tray. Click on the SkyDrive icon, then choose Settings.

Access Skydrive Settings

2. It will launch SkyDrive window. Select About tab.

3. On lower part of the window, click on Unlink SkyDrive. Click OK to proceed.

Unlink Skydrive

Important: Before unlinking SkyDrive for Windows, please make sure that there are no existing file uploads or synchronization. This process will break your current connection.

4. The process will give you fresh setup of SkyDrive for Windows.

5. It will display a Welcome to SkyDrive welcome screen. Click on Get Started to continue.

6. Sign-in with your Live ID.

7. On the next screen, you it gives you an option to change the default SkyDrive folder location. Click the Change button and browse for your desired directory.

 Skydrive Dafault Folder

8. You can see on the screen the new directory of SkyDrive. Press Next to proceed.

Skydrive Changed Folder

Now that you have a changed the default location of SkyDrive folder, make sure that all your files and folders are up to date before you delete the old SkyDrive folder.

  1. Thanks. That made it easy :)

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  4. I don’t recommend this but…:
    If you already moved your folder, see SkyDrive location from msconfig and search some hexa named ini-file, e.g: c:\users\…\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkyDrive\settings\1234abcdefg.ini

    Then the last line is something like “SkyDrive” Me personal “C:\mypath”
    And you can set the path there…

  5. Can I then move the actual folder on my system to the new location, or do I need to re-download the contents of my Skydrive tree?

    Suppose I have 27GB of stuff – a re-download is a bummer in that event. :-)

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  10. How do you do this on Windows 8? It tells me I’m signed in with a Microsoft account so I can’t unlink it.

  11. @hsjdfh you can just uninstall and reinstall the SkyDrive Desktop Application and you will be able to redo the location again.

  12. Yep, this helped, thank you.

  13. Excellent – Everything worked fine – Thanks!

  14. Great info. Lucky me I found your blog by chance
    (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

  15. This information is outdated, atleast for win 8.1 it is. All that is needed is to right click on the One Drive icon and go to properties and then the tab location and then move. It is very simple.

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